Volume control related bugs with v2.715 for Intel platform


my settings are to have volume step of 1 and it used to work fine with v2.555 on Intel platform. When I upgraded to v2.715 here is what I noticed:

1.) volume rotary knob doesn’t rotate with mouse center wheel
2.) volume down icon under the rotary volume knob works erratically - sometimes it lowers the volume by 1, sometimes by 2. volume up icon doesn’t work at all.
3.) volume slider doesn’t react on mouse center wheel and can change volume only in steps of 5
4.) volumio android client can only control volume in steps of 10

Volume rotary knob worked fine with v2.555 changing the volume by 1. and could be controlled with mouse center wheel.


I experienced the same behavior on my virtual x86
but the problem is not related to X86 though, on my RPI4 it occurs.
switching to “classic” UI in appearance fix the problem, waiting for an update…