Volume Control issues x86

I run Volumio 2.254 from a USB stick booting a PC, and connect to a Furutech ADL GT40a via USB. As long as it is selected on reflashing to 2.201 the GT40a shows as the selectable alternative to Intel in the Output dropdown, and remains through the updates to 2.254. If changed after this then only USB Audio and Analogue show as available, and the USB DAC continues to work.
One issue I have is when trying to swap from the default ‘Hardware’ mixer to either Software or None.
The default mixer control name starts as ‘Speaker’ and shows as ‘Software Volume Control’ when making an initial move from Hardware mixer to Software. When switching from Hardware to None it shows as None. The gui then responds by either reporting an Alsa error or killing the onscreen volume control feature. Either way I have to reflash the SD card.
No other Mixer Type or Mixer Control Names are presented for selection.

This seems similar to a problem on a Pi, posted by mechaniker » Wed Jul 26 2017 18:10.

I have run alsamixer from ssh, with results:
Card = HDA Intel
Chip = Realtek ALC662 rev 1
but I don’t understand what the other symbols/features mean, nor can I select any of them other than F3 (playback).

I would like to swap from Hardware to Software volume control if possible even if just to test things out.
Any thoughts on how to investigate or fix this would be welcome.

What do you expect from opening the same issue in two different posts? Twice the speed for getting it solved???
We are doing our best to solve issues as fast as we can, but please understand this is not our full-time job.
Do us a favour and only report an issue once.

– Gé –

Sorry - any such thing was not intentional.
I know I posted one in Bug Reports, but the topic was different (or so I thought). If they are the same, that should reduce my problems by half!