Volume control is not working after upgrade to 2.861

My volume control stop working after upgrade to version 2.861.
I’m using HiFiberry AMP on Raspberry PI 3B - see Playback Options on attached picture.
Mixer type Hardware has disappeared from list box. With Mixer Type software I hear sound, but I can’t change volume at all.
If I try to change DAC model HiFiBerry Amp again then its Hardware mixer type back, but Volumio is playing very loud (I assume that is 100%) and I can’t change volume.
Changing Mixer type back to Software is Volume lower but volume control is still not working and Hardware Mixer type is gone from list again.
With Mixer type None there is no sound at all.

Situation is very similar to this issue: After Update to v2.657, no volume control

Problem has been caused by assigned of GPIO3 to GPIO Button function. HiFiberry AMP use GPIO3 internally. If assignment of GPIO3 is removed and DAC assignment restarted then everything works ok again.