Volume control integration

I’m planning to add streamer features to Genelec SAM volume controller & automatic SPDIF switch device (www.gevol.fi) and would be very appreciated any information how to integrate external volume control using Volumio or is it even possible…

Have they published the webcontrol API’s for the device? If not then you should first ask those from the Genelec, they might or might not give those. If not then you have to reverse engineer the protocol to have a change bake it in the volumio.

That part is taken care of (HW volume control for monitors), but how to redirect volume commands from Volumio to Gevol? I don’t want to alter the digital signal in anyway using alsa mixer etc. just redirecting volume change events to Gevol SW.

Intercept the volume commands and reroute for the HW you have since it does have webcontrol interface it’s matter of calling it and tell it to adjust the volume, I’m almost certain i have seen somewhere here that this is done for some marantz device already, perhaps you can modify that stuff so you don’t need to start from scratch.