Volume control at increment 1 stops at 31


the volume control at increment 1 stops at 31 when I try to increase the volume by “cklicking or touching” on the loudspeaker-icon on the GUI.
When I choose increment 2 this problem exists not.

This problem accured with the actual version 2.555 and also the version before.

This problem I had wireless when I use a smartphone also when my Raspberry Pi 3b+ with Hifiberry-DAC-Plus is per LAN connected to my network.

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If you use a different increment value in the setting does it work? Only with 1 you have this problem?

I am having the exact same Problem.
I am using a i2s dac compatible to hifiberry dac +.
As I set the Volume through a Remote which controls the PI through rest-api commands this is really annoying.

Clicking into the Circle of the Volume, I can select any Volume, only the loudspeaker Icon, or rest api calls are affected.

Same problem here - thanks for the input re single increment - mine stopped at 18 but dragging the slider (on Android) or circular volume display on browser works fine. Just changed increment to 2 and it works fine (however I did notice that occasionally volume only increments by 1 anyway, when 2-increment setting is in effect. I get the impression that when you hit the hidden limit the processor is suddenly ‘busy’ as responses after that are sluggish. I’m on 2.526 with the image provided by AUDIOPHONICS for I-Sabre DAC ES9028Q2M.

I have exactly the same problem and symptoms.
Single increment - mine stopped at 31.

Raspberry Pi 3b+ with HiFiBerry DAC+ Pro
Sysytem version: 2.632 & 2.657

The bug is still present in latest version

I investigated it a bit and it seems it is a bug with amixer. The volume control at the end executes the command amixer -M set -c 2 "Digital" unmute <value>%

It seems that amixer can’t be that precise and relies on what the device sends back. In my case (HifiBerry Amp2) there are some jumps in the volume increase. For example:

amixer -M set -c 2 "Digital" unmute 90%
Simple mixer control 'Digital',0
  Capabilities: pvolume pswitch
  Playback channels: Front Left - Front Right
  Limits: Playback 0 - 207
  Front Left: Playback 201 [89%] [-3.00dB] [on]
  Front Right: Playback 201 [89%] [-3.00dB] [on]

As you can see if the volume is set to 90%, the device returns 89% and that causes the problem. Not volumio fault, more some kind of rounding from the DAC

Note that I am using +2 increments and it bumps at 89. This shows that there are other rounding problems, as I set my start volume to 20, increase 2, so I should not get any odd number :wink:

A possible solution is to switch to Linear volume control, I did not detect any problem in that case. OR, this is on Volumio, instead of using a percentage: Math.log10(percentage/100)*60 gives as result the value to set as dB