Volume buttons on phone or tablet not working

very satisfied with upgrade until last week volume buttons just stopped working when in volumio and instead of increasing/decreasing volume of music they just increase/decrease overall volume of phone/tablet. Tried with latest update. No change.
Is there a solution?
When playing from tidal it is working and tidal is occupying volume buttons. But when I try to play something from usb stick or web radio in volumio no response.
Thanx in advance!

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Possible same issue?

Hi, same issue here.
With Android app, I can control volume from ui, but hw buttons controls phone volume.
With spotify connect, I can control volume with hw buttons from spotify app.

Same. When using an app that controls playback on another device (Tidal, BluOS) I can change volume with buttons when the app is in focus only. The issue seems to be that Android does not recognize that the app is playing media, because the media is actually playing on another networked device. Android actually says “no media playing” on the volume settings screen when tidal or BluOS apps are controlling media being played on a network media streamer.
Somehow these apps need to be updated so either Android “knows” these apps are playing media, or the apps get input from the volume buttons so volume can be controlled via the apps because the old way the app handled it is no longer working since something must have changed in Android

its the app’s responsibility to inform android that there is some content playing, locally or remotely.

This is again something the app must initiate, it must let the system know its capable of handling the volume key events. or well another options would be to totally take control of the hardware volume buttons, but then user cannot adjust any other system volume which is very shortsighted solution.

There are no major changes to this area in android, the same code that worked 5y ago would still work now, since the app used to totally take over the volume keys.

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Ok MAYBE it’s counter trivial for me but I can’t even find an in app function to adjust the volume let alone the volume button on my phone Android 13 does not work. It always jumps back to full.
It’s funny considering that the project is called “VOLUMIO” :grinning:

Does your device provide a volume control? (Software or hardware)

Oh shit I just checked it with alsamixer and it doesn’t snd_hifiberry_dac :axe:

How on earth it doesn’t :rage:

There must be a workaround for this adjusting the PCM and other channels of course will have no effect.

You can set software volume mixer in volumio