Volume button not working


Recently I have update my Volumio 2 to version 3.233. This is running on an Audiophonics box with the standard PI 7 inch touchscreen. The soundcard is a hifiberry DAC plus card. The view is the standard classic view (with the 2 circles)

When I was running version 2 I could change the volume. Since the upgrade this is not working anymore as it should be. at 100% the device is playing normally. When I move this to for example 10%, it’s a little bit quieter, but it doesn’t work at the way it should. Is there anybody knows how to change the settings so that this works correctly ?


Many thanks for your help!
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Instead of “analogue” can you select “digital” or “master”?

I see you selected curve mode “Natural”, try to set it to “Linear”

Hi Balbuze,
Many thanks for this tip.
Setting it to “digital” has solved the issue.

Thanks! :slight_smile: