Volume API changed recently?

Hi there,

Just wondering if the volume up and down behaviou has been recently modified. Now it seems to take around 5 times to achieve the same level of volume change than previously. Can anyone confirm and tell me if there is an alternative to achieve the same reult other than issuing the same more times in a row?


Please check your settings.

Thanks for the fast reply. Yes, that was it! I completely ignored this setting. But now that I remember, I had to reinstall volumio from a fresh image as I was seeing too many inconsistencies while only updating for years. So I guess that value was higher before and then reinstalling from scratch it defaulted (back?) to 1. Maybe one suggestion could be to leave it as default somewhere in the middle like I did with 5. 1 is way to a low incremental? Then someone can always go up or down to refine. But that’s my 2cents. :slight_smile: