Volume, and airplay

Hi all

I have an android, and my partner has an iPhone.
I’m running volumio on a pi 3, plugged into some small computer speakers.

She plays music via volumio using airplay, and the volume is controlled by their phone.

I play music using the app, via the plugins in volumio - the volume is controlled by volumio.

The issue arises when I’ve been playing music. I’ll turn the volume down to a quieter level to listen maybe. If I forget to turn it back to 100%, my partner cannot change the volume via airplay so they are effectively capped at a maximum volume.

I was wondering if perhaps there was a callback or some other mechanism whereby I could change the volume to 100% if a connection via airplay is made? I guess my partner could install the app on her phone and change the volume manually bit that’s a lot of faffing around when I’ve got a computer right there ready and waiting to do the faffing around for me.