Volume after restart with Allo Relay Attenuator

Hi all

I have a small problem with my Volumio since I modified my Allo Vana player with an Allo Relay Attenuator.
Before activating its plugin I changed the volume to 100 so the DAC is at max.
But after a reboot it seems the setpoint of the attenuator somehow gets transferred to the setpoint of the DAC. Maybe some race condition. I had this problem earlier but seemed to be gone after a software change, now its back again.

Fix actually is to deactivate attenuator plugin, set volume to 100, activate plugin again and then set volume to desired level.
The player is connected to the main switch of my flat, so this occurs daily.

Is there any option to fix this manually, like a script or command that i could call on boot that sets the DAC volume directly to 100, bypassing the attenuator plugin?

Best thing may be an updated Attenuator plugin where one can also set the desired DAC volume

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: 2.853
Hardware: Allo Vana player + Allo Relay Attenuator
DAC: Allo Piano 2.1

Hm, seems the attenuator plugin sets a volume script.
In volumecontrol.js thats called under self.setVolume.

Seems i have to add something like this, thats called when volumescript is disabled.
amixer([’-M’, ‘set’, ‘-c’, device, ‘Subwoofer’, 'unmute, 100 + ‘%’]