volspotconnect (Spotify Connect plugin) not working

I downloaded the plugin package from the link in this post: volumio-plugins-collection-t6251.html#p30705
and was able to install it. Installation seemed to be successful. In the settings for this plugin, it asks for your Spotify login info, so I entered it, clicked Save, and reboot Volumio. Volumio does not show up as an available Spotify Connect device in my app on my phone. I have a premium account. Running the latest version of Volumio 2 on a Raspberry Pi B+. Any suggestions?

Question: What’s the purpose of the login info in the plugin if I must be logged in to the app on my phone to use Spotify? Is the plugin strictly tied to one account, or can multiple users take advantage of it? I would like for anyone in my house connected to my network to be able to play their Spotify music on my Volumio device. I hope that’s possible.

If you can’t see a Spotify connect device after enabling the plugin, it’s because it fails to start, probably for a output problem…
You can have a look via ssh : sudo journalctl -f and see what happens when you enable / disable the plugin.
In volspotconnect, you have to enter your account credentials to be able to connect to Spotify. Just rember that your smartphone is just a “remote”. You can live your house or switch of your smartphone computer etc with a playlist playing!
When your share your device in the plugin, you allow any user on the same network to access it.

I f you can’t make it work, try volspotconnect2. It is really more tolerant about your config. And you don’t need to enter yur credentials if you want to share your device. Just install and enable the plugin. (your credentials are sent to Spotify from the official app the plugin ).
Hope it help you.
Let me know :wink:

I tried installing volspotconnect2, but for reasons unknown to me, it failed. I installed a different plugin (completely unrelated to the topic of this thread) that basically broke my system so I did a factory reset, and the first thing I did after configuring network settings was install volspotonnect2, and now it works! Great plugin! I do love how it works much like Chromecast in that your phone or tablet is simply telling the other device to fetch the data, so it doesn’t drain your battery like AirPlay does. That’s the whole reason I was anxious to get it working, and I’m happy with the results so far.

There is one minor annoying feature I have noticed. Spotify will always repeat the album or playlist I have selected when I use Spotify Connect to play to Volumio, even when repeat is turned off in the Spotify app. This does not happen when I play locally on my phone or iPad. I do not have any other Spotify Connect devices so I can’t tell if it’s a feature of Spotify Connect in general or specific to this plugin. Any ideas?


Librespot used in volspotconnect2 is a free project, under dev, and may not behave or support Spotify features.
You can try to use volspotconnect that use an other lib, non free, but from Spotify.

I will move this post in an other already existing thread about the plugin.