Virtuoso tidal blocked at 48Kxz


i have a raspberry4 + Burson Swing DAC + Virtuoso account.
When i use Tidal plugin master tracks doesn’t works at 96Khz, but the max is 48Khz.
I don’t know why, i have read that are needed mqa dac, but my dac is very high quality, it should support every kind of quality.
What is the problem?

Same here, also my HQ Music playlist is not shown in Volumio Source Tidal Playlists


MQA does not show neither on iFi Nano iDSD Black Edition nor on Audioquest Dragonfly Black 1.5. Both show the correct LED color when connected to PC or phone.

I have updated yesterday to Virtuoso, especially because it is supposed to be integrated with Tidal.
After subscription, Volumio firmware update and a bunch of restarts and logouts and logins from Tidal, same thing applies to me too. The max sample rate is 48Khz for songs that from Tidal player from Windows are streamed at 96Khz.
The streaming device is Allo Digione Signature and dacs Holo Audio Cyan and Chord Qutest, if that is of any help.
Can you please investigate the issue and let us know when a fix will be available?

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Any news regarding this issue?
The native integration with Tidal was the reason a subscribed to Virtuoso. Without this feature I don’t have other reasons to be subscribed to it.

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Hi Guys,
MQA to work needs bit perfect playback.

So, please make sure that:

  • You select “High resolution” in the TIDAL settings
  • Volume is set to 100
  • No plugin like equalizer or resampling is active

Those above are the things which might render playback non bit perfect

Please let me also know which device you are using

Please confirm this and we’ll take it from there

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Hi Michelangelo,

We’ve had some mails about this some months ago, but got interrupted.
I have tried “High resolution”, but also “Highest possible” (on Settings > Sources > Tidal > Sound Quality)
Volume is at 100 and not possible to change (so it’s bit perfect, right?).
No plugin nor resampling active.

Raspberry Pi4 with 4GB (previously had Pi3 with same results)
MyVolumio Superstar
Dac: iFi Nano iDSD Black Edition and Audioquest Dragonfly Black 1.5 (both get MQA when connected to PC or iPhone)

Thanks for your time.

I also have this problem with TIDAL,
MQA files are shown in the app with a maximum of 48Khz and my DAC shows 48kHZ accordingly. The same files are e.g. displayed in the USB Audio Player Pro app at 96 kHZ. This is particularly annoying because we have to pay extra for tidal integration at volumio. So I can also cancel the Tidal HI-Fi subscription.
Please fix the problem because we’ve paid for this feature.

Unfourtonally I have the same problem


Has any MyVolumio / Tidal Hi-Fi account user managed to get MQA to a external DAC?

I’ve seen several topics raising this question over time, but never a solution or definitive and clear answer from the team addresing this issue that’s affecting several users (at least).

And as someone mentioned, it’s advertised as one of the features and we are paying for it.

I have no problems with MQA audio, but you have to have a DAC that supports MQA decoding.

It seems to me that Volumio doesn’t recognize MQA audio. With Tidal, Volumio often shows 44.1kHz or 48kHz/24 bit while my DAC shows 96kHz. I have a FLAC file locally with 352.8kHz MQA audio. My dac shows and decodes the file correctly, but Volumio shows: flac 44.1kHz/24bit.


Thanks for your answer. As I stated somewhere before, I have 2 DAC, both MQA capable, that have the proper behaviour when connected to a PC or phone, but not on MyVolumio/Tidal or local MQA files.

Would you mind sharing your DAC brand and model, please?

My DAC is a SMSL M500.

btw MQA is only possible via USB connection. Maybe that is the problem?

Thanks for the reply.

Both my DACs are only USB connected. And I’m pretty sure I have all the settings correct. I even had some emails with michelangelo some months ago about this issue, and all the advices and tips he gave me were already in place (bitperfect, volume max, Tidal settings, etc…).

I’ve just went trough MyVolumio features in the website and do not find any reference to MQA. I think I saw something about MQA some months ago, but I could be wrong… anyway, it states “Native Tidal integration” and some users report MQA working, so I think is not asking to much for the Volumio team to try to figure this out…

Can we please stick to the original issue where Tidal shows a max of 48 KHz?



Did anyone found a solution for this? I have Volumio Virtuoso, tidal, pie and hifiberry Digital +… Still find the same problem with the limit of 48khz.
It’s pretty frustrating that I can’t have higher quality on Volumio

the solution I found is switching to Qobuz, and all work fine and better.

Thanks for that info… it’s a solution but not the solution.
I’m sure there’s a technical reason for this but the truth is that I’m paying to Volumio to have integration with tidal. And if the quality is lower then it should it means it’s not really an integration.
Does anybody know when is this supposed to be fixed?

Well this will be me speculating. I have connected my HiBy R3 Pro DAP in USB DAC mode to my Rpi running Volumio. When I play an MQA Track from Tidal (e.g.Lee Morgan - Search for anNew Land, which is encapsulated 192/24 MQA) I get my Hiby showing MQA at 48/24.
When I use Audirvana playing to the same RPi Board with Volumio (with enabled UpNP) as UpNP Renderer I get Hiby showing 48/24 MQA when setting up the R3 as MQA Decoder in Audirvana, whereas I get 96/24 MQA shown when setting up the R3 as MQA Rendered in Audirvana.
MQA gets during the playback unfolded twice, as known. First unfolding (decoding) results into a 48/24 or 44/24 PCM stream and only the second unfolding (Rendering) unfolds the original stream (whatever that might be).
Looking to the fact, some people claim they iFi iDSD Nano will not play MQA via Volumio, and looking to the fact Nano is MQA Renderer only (e.g. needs first unfolding), may it be Volumio (not having any options for MQA handling) simply passed the MQA stream untouched, so needs defect a full MQA Decoder DAC?
I have the Nano myself, will do the test afterwards. IF this is the case, this should be addressed. I gat no MQA issues with Ropieee whatsoever on the same setups…

Found this in an older post:

[Jun '18]
In fact, Volumio CAN handle MQA, but only under some circumstances:

  • You need to have an USB DAC which is MQA compatible. For example, with my Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital I can play any MQA file
  • With a compatible USB DAC, volume must be set at 100

In any other condition, MQA will not work on Volumio. This is mainly because we can’t incorporate the MQA software decoder into Volumio as we will violate MPD’s GPL license.

This confirms Volumio will not decode MQA, so you technically do need a DAC which is a MQA decoder… So working with DAC which is only a MQA renderer will not work.
Also apparent, that my setups do work with RoPieee because RoPieee is not a player, only a bridge and the unfolding is done in either Roon or Audirvana. So guys having DACs being only a renderer can use RPi running Volumio only as Roon Bridge or UpNP renderer and need an “external” player which does unfolding.