Virtuoso and Tidal

Hi Folks,

I really like Volumio it’s working excellent with Spotify on my Pi. However I also have Tidal and want to get the most from that too. If I upgrade to Virtuoso would I be able to use the native tidal app on my smartphone or laptop and select the Volumio endpoint ? Or does it only work via the Volumio browser page.

Also today tidal does work via AirPlay but I guess that’s not to the hifi standard. Can anyone comment on the benefits of updating to Virtuoso for tidal.

Thanks Jon

The main benefit will be to connect directly to Tidal from Volumio. The interface is completely diferent than the Tidal app and don’t have all the functions, but the sound quality is better.

But if I upgrade to Virtuoso would I be able to see my Volumio endpoint from within my Tidal app. Like I can already see chromecast and Sonos.


I agree with Haugh, controlling Tidal from the phone app is a lot better than volumio’s browser.

Please add this to volumio trough a separate plugin.

For Spotify I also prefer the plugin that allows me to use connect trough Spotify connect.