Virgin media V6 box

Hi There, i@ve just moved into this neighbourhood, so i will try and be on my best behaviour.

I have a question…

I stumble across Volumio while i ws researching Raspberry PI. I am currently without HIFI, amps, etc, so doing what i can.

I remembered up until last year i was getting my intenet from Virgin. When they had a special offer on, i was subscribed to their full media package which gave me a nifty little box with 1TB of storage.

I terminated the media part of my contract because of financial issues, but they never asked for the box back.

I begun to wander…most TV based boxes are basically computers in the Linux world. I would like to modify this box to be able to run volumio. Has anyone gotany coding/software that could help me out here, or at least point me int he right direction.

Thank you

lots of love,

HI, Didn’t they come with TiVo, that’s already capable to render audio?
Those boxes have an customized embedded Linux on a flash ROM, which is problematic to reflash.
As all crucial information is missing on memory blocks, start location etc.
So either stick with TiVo and use the box as a storage and access the content with Volumio through DNLA.