Vintage Volumio Virtuoso

Well, virtuoso may be quite a bit of a stretch because I didn’t use very high end components, but hey, it starts with V.

The family got tired of plugging our phones into the audio system to play Spotify out loud, so I set about building something easier to use. A bit of internet searching, a trip to the thrift store, some shopping on Amazon and Craigslist yielded this:

Atwater Kent 325 cabinet radio (circa 1934)
7’ RasPi Touchscreen
HiFiBerry Amp+
Art Audio BA-100 bookshelf speakers

Before anyone gets up in arms, this cabinet is pretty trashed, made with veneer (not solid wood) and essentially well past the point anyone would want to refurbish it. It’s good from far, but far from good. I only paid $20 for it. I am giving the electronics to a guy at work who wants the tubes.

There’s probably a few on this forum that may have heard of the DAK catalog? Remember that? I remember thinking it was such a cool catalog as a kid. Evidently these speaker were from that catalog, sold back in the 80’s. I found them at the thrift store, still wrapped in the box with the warranty card and picked them up for $14 for the pair. They actually sound pretty good to me.

My greatest and loudest congratulations! That’s awesome!!!