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problem 1 : when search my music via maps
I see huge map picture and too short (less then 40%) music text, on the same line following the next map picture

Wanted solution : No or very small map picture
every music text on one line
Remark : sone time ago i saw a few weeks the wanted solution

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I think you need to click on this:

THANKS !! for solution

Situation : Music on NAS conntected via internet wire
problem 1: When i shut down Volumio app (on tablet remove all) or Volumio sleep
The only way i found that turn of and after that turn on electric power of Volumio. After a while (can see on the back of volumio) Volumio
Is there a better solution (for example software awake solution) ?
problem 2:
When started up. Most of the time (special high solution music) you hear silence gaps (irritating)
What can i do about this
Problem 3: How to deal High quality music higher then 44 kHz music?
Should i change in the setting 44 kHz to 88 kHz?

1: This is the normal behavior of the rPi. You can opt for a case with a powerbutton, like Raspberry Pi 4 X-C1 or the argone or if you’re capable of soldering: on off shim. Al these solution have additional components and a script to simulate a power button (rPi will always remain in a standby mode)

    1. Disable any audio resampling, let Volumio play bit perfect.

I solved the problem with stopping a liitle time during playing a cd