Video streamed to Shairport-sync and 44,1 kHz to 48 kHz


This question is a tiny bit unrelated to volumio but maybe a developer knowing this could help me anyways since you know your stuff pretttyy well and seem to have come by this:

I recently switched from volumio to realtime pi OS because I needed the latest kernel. Shairport-sync “works” but since my DAC only supports 48 kHz and Airplay is 44,1 kHz I have an audio drift when watching videos from my Apple TV or Macbook - which I suppose is related to the sample rate conversion happening. At first it seems fine but after a short time the audio drifts away further and further so that it becomes totally asynchronous. Could you tell me the secret how to prevent this? I have not installed pulseaudio - which is used by volumio - maybe the solution for this lies in some pulseaudio configuration files? Any help is much appreciated! Thanks in advance.