Very Slow

Dear Good People,

I just set up volumio on raspberry pi 3, touchscreen display and an external 1tb usb drive (with seperate power) formatted ntfs.
on the drive are about 60000 files of music.
displaying the list of artists takes on my computer via webbrowser about 10 secs on the touchscreen display about 40 sec. and with that response time the system is not conveniently useable

.) is there any way to speed it up ?
.) is there a possibilty to make the userinterface show the artists/albums seperated by there starting letters (so that the amount of data to be displayed will be reduced) ?
.) is there a possibility show a keyboard on the touchscreen when you use the search function ?

thank you very much for your help
regards joe

What are you using? You need better hardware.

The first time the browsing will be quite slow since it needs to fetch all the albumarts (later they will be cached). Let me know if your problem persists after it