Very occasional cracks

Hi, I am running Volumio on an RPi 3 with a BOSS v1.2 DAC. I occasionally hear a very noticeable crack, a bit like the noise the loudspeakers make when I turn my amplifier on. (Much more noticeable than a simple dropout…) It typically happens about 10 minutes into playback (either mp3/m4a files from an external SSD or webradio, it happens with both), but then doesn’t happen again, even when I leave it to play for a couple of hours. However, when I pause playback and then restart it some time later, it usually produces the crack again after about 10 minutes. I noticed the same behaviour when outputting to my Dragonfly over USB, so this pretty much rules out a problem with the DAC. I’ve tried checking /var/log/volumio.log, but it doesn’t seem to output anything when this happens. Any idea of what I could do to debug this?

You could send the system logs as detailed here, making sure that the event occurs before sending the log. Alternatively you could monitor the system logs directly in a ssh session (sudo journalctl -f) and watch the logs when the ‘crack’ happens.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ve tried that, but nothing special seemed to be written to the logs when the crack happened. This time around, it happened shortly after changing tracks, so there were some messages broadcasting that, but besides changes in time stamps, track name, etc, they were identical to the messages posted whenever a track changes…