Very loud white noise rpi3


I was using volumio on a rpi4 combined with a hifiberry rca pro plus card. Was experiencing a lot of issues with the rpi4 simply not booting. So replaced the rpi4 for a rpi3. Transferred the same sd card and dac.

Now i am experiencing a issue with terrible loud white noise when using the dac. If i disable the dac and use the audio jack the white noise is gone but the sound quality is still terrible white crackling in the sound especially when playing piano.

The issue was not there on the rpi4 but this combination was unusable because the rpi4 would barely ever finish booting.

I am using the latest version og volumio. There are no updates available through the UI.

Can i safely try a kernel update for raspbiam without wrecking volumio?

No, you cannot simply do a kernel update. There are potential problems with some RPi4s atm. I suggest that you do a new flash to your card, and use on the RPi3 with your DAC. Let’s go from that as a starting point to get a working system.

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OK after a lot of problems added to the rpi config i decided to try a factory reset. I wanted to avoid this because i spent some times on configuration and creating playlists etc. on the rare moments it was working on the rpi4.
After a factory reset it now works well on the rpi3. fingers crossed it will stay this way.

One thing i did notice is that even now there is a issue with the network. But this could be a issue completely related to Raspbian and not volumio of course it would make more sense.
If i setup a static IP after 1 or sometimes 2 boots the pi doesn’t have network connectivity anymore. This is resolved by setting /etc/network/interfaces back to dhcp and a ifdown eth and ifup eth but it is annoying as i need to move a screen from somewhere else to do this.

Is there a way to update the current jessie volumio is running on to a newer version of Raspbian without starting from scratch?

Buster is coming … but not quite there yet. Have a search if you fancy trying a development image.

I think you aren’t the only one reporting that issue. I’m sure I read another message recently with the same problem.

This is for a home environment so for my live “production” system i would prefer to only use a complete finished image.As the purpose was to listen to great music and not UAT test software. Unfortunately I do that plenty at work already :slight_smile:
But since i now have a spare Raspberry pi 4 that was meant for Volumio i don’t mind flashing that with a beta image and help troubleshooting the raspberry pi 4 issues. Can someone point me to a link?
I am no devver at all but if there’s a dev part of the forum happy to report issues on raspberry pi 4 as best i can if that would help you guys fixing it.

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