Version Number of Volumio Image Written to Micro SD Card

Have a question ---- after Etcher flashes the Raspberry PI Image to a Micro SD Card, is there any way to tell what img file is actually on the SD card?

I can look at the file structure of the img file on a Windows 7 PC, but nothing there specifically identifies the Volumio Version (say 2.526 or 2.583)

I usually put a small label on the back side of the SD card to id the version number, but this time I did not and don’t remember what version Etcher flashed to the card.

Any ideas???

It’s written into file at /etc/os-release - this is not easily accessible for a windows machine (it’s on a partition that has a ext4 file system). There are ways to read an ext4 filesystem on windows - Ext2Read or paragon file system comes to mind.

Hi — Thanks for the reply!!

Don’t take this the wrong way,

but if you are running the image on the target, go to SETTINGS - SYSTEM then scroll down to SYSTEM VERSION this will show the current version, which is also updated if you ever to an over the air (OTA) update.