version 2.391 RPi3 - mp3 playback issues

Just updated to the latest beta, Version 2.391,

Flac etc playback fine, but mp3 just plays static noise,

RPI3 : Kali :stuck_out_tongue:iano 2.1

Was fine the previous version.

Logs are here :

Let me know if you me to do any tests.

I’m using 2.389 with a Kali/Piano2.1 and experiencing static as well. I read something about the 4.14 kernel having problems with 24-bit content, so I enabled resampling to 32-bits, and now 24-bit mp3’s play.

I now occasionally have the subwoofer channel drop out, and need to change the crossover frequency to get subwoofer output. That feels like it may be a 32-bit playback problem. I’m using the Piano in 2.1 mode, so the DSP has to merge the low frequencies of the left and right channels.

Hopefully the 4.14 kernel problems with 24-bit I2S get sorted out. I’m sort of interested in learning more about the Linux and Volumio code, but I don’t know where to start.