Version 2.245 with Piano 2.1

Since updating I’m getting full volume in the right channel, no sound in the left in Dual Stereo and Mono modes. No control of volume. Using Kali/ Piano 2.1.
I’ll try with a fresh install of 2.245 at a leter date.

Thanks for reporting, will look into it asap

Perhaps I should add that I’m also using the Iancanada (diyAudio) Isolator in the setup. It all plays beautifully with Version 2.201 in Dual Stereo mode, so for now I’ve reverted to my backup of that. :slight_smile:
I tried a fresh install of 2.245, but same problem. When I tried to change the volume options I got error messages and no sound.

Interesting! I am very curious to try it!
Can you please try removing the isolator and report if that works?

Similar problem without the isolator: Very loud sound with no control of volume from the Sub outputs. Volume control is available with the Main outputs, but max volume is much lower than usual. This is in Dual Stereo mode.
In Dual Mono mode there is loud sound with no volume control available in the R channel, and low level sound with volume control available in the L channel.
Previously I reported that I was getting no sound in one channel with the Isolator in place, but now I realise that the L channel was drowned out by the very loud output from the right. So essentially I think the problem is just the same whether or not I use the Isolator.

Found the problem and fixed it. You will have a new release tomorrow

Playing fine now with Version 2.246. Congrats on fixing it so quickly. :smiley:

At your disposal, sir! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: