Version 1.55 unstable?

Hi. I have been using Volumio 1.4, on a Raspberry Pi b fitted with a hifiberry optical interface., for about four months.
Given the superb Audio Quality, I decided to upgrade to version 1.55.
Initially everything ran perfectly …
then , the Upnp stopped working., followed by a failure to increment the Playlist.
Finally, the Raspberry pi refused all commumications…
I have successfully returned to version 1.4.
Given that my libraries, on Upnp and USB are 256Gb and 80Gb respectively, could I be exceeding the library memory?
Incidentally, Where is the library memory, and what is it’s size?

Not just you I am afraid friend. Since Sunday 8/2/15, I’ve had it lock completely eg no network traffic once, and upnp fall over twice. I think I’ll be going back v1.51 thanks.

Where did you find older versions like v1.51? Do you have a link?


Hi .
Where do you get version 1.51 ?
On upgrading to version 1.55 Volumio became totally “unstable” and unuseable after just four hours of use.
I downgraded to version 1.4 …so far all is working.


Where did you get v1.4?

You can download all versions here:

Thanks, mate!