V3 Music Library Database Keeps Crashing When Building

Volumio Information

Volumio Version: v3.165
Hardware: R-Pi 3B
Connecting to Windows Share or NAS (Synology)


Upgraded OTA to 3.165. Have since wiped and started afresh, but same issue.

My high res audio files are on a Windows share and backed up to a Synology NAS. On the previous version, using either as a source, the library built and a rescan would pick up any new files / albums.

However, the new version crashes building the library database. This causes some sort of panic as the library then zeros and you have to start again.

I can use my Plex library for now, but its annoying.

Any assistance appreciated.


I think you need to post the logs, so we can see what is happening.

Thanks - here they are: http://logs.volumio.org/volumio/ZawO5GY.html

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Prob, volumioneed to dig into this.
I do see a couple of entries on your wlan(0) and your CIFS connection ( \ is not responding

Dec 08 14:13:51 volumio kernel: wlan0: deauthenticated from e8:8d:28:5c:36:7b (Reason: 2=PREV_AUTH_NOT_VALID)
Dec 08 14:18:26 volumio kernel: CIFS VFS: \ has not responded in 180 seconds. Reconnecting…

3 Minutes? Wow, its a Windows 10 PC on Gigabit. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to put the Pi on Ethernet for a while?

Well, this is resolved. Nothing to do with Volumio, was a dodgy set of AIF files. Once I removed them, it carried on indexing the files through to completion.

I found this by examining the log files and noting that the index stopped at the same place.

Now on the latest and great v3 version as well. Thanks for a great product and great support.

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