V2 RC2 Installation Failure

Hi guys.

I am a fan of Volumio :slight_smile: And I used V 1 for more than a year. Then switched to V2 rc1 through a Windows computer around here. Couldn’t do it with my Macbook Air

Now I decided for RC2. And downloaded odroid c1 image & installed it in a class 10 microsd through the same Pc. But odroid c1+'s tiny led lights blink RED after I attach it and run.

One thing to note: I didn’t unplug any of the attached devices prior the its first run. Might this be the reason of my failure?


Could you try again and flash with the released version of C1+ (v2.002)?


Well this might be the solution. So that means oph.mdrjr.net/gkkpch/Volumio-1.0 … dc1.img.xz is invalid for c1+, right?

Ps: where can I find it?

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Well that version is not supported and will be removed before the weekend, should have worked for C0/C1/C1+.

So I can help, please get it from the official Volumio 2 download page, it has both C1 and C2.