v2.671 Volumio blocked after trying to play radio stream!!

Subject has limited amount of characters so do not complain about my unclear subject.

I have a feeling Volumio is worse with every update. Yesterday’s update made me creating an account here to report a bug. It also made me looking for alternative. Unfortunately. I am so angry on Volumio that I stopped recommending it to the colleagues.

My usual scenario:
Raspberry Pi 3 with Allo Boss. LAN connection to fast and reliable internet 100Mbit/s.
I have my favorite radio stream link available under the hamburger icon. When I start playing I leave it playing sometimes even for 2 weeks. When I leave my flat I only switch off my amplifier and Volumio plays for itself “in the back-end”. When I come back home I switch on the amplifier and I hear my radio immediately. After using Volumio already for some years I got used to the fact that sometimes Volumio stops plying my radio stream. WWW server works usually still fine, I just cannot start any new stream, cannot forward Spotify to my Volumio, cannot start any internet radio from the Note tab -> Web Radio. By today this was “acceptable”.[size=1]https://myip.kim https://birthdaywishes.onl https://elecpay.in/tneb

After yesterday’s upgrade it is enough to try to start any radio from the Note icon -> Web radio which does not play and from that moment I cannot start any new stream even if I am sure it works 100% ok. Then only full restart plays.

My test case:

  1. I restart Volumio.
  2. Intro melody tells me that Volumio is restarted correctly.
  3. I start known and reliable web radio stream - it plays OK.
  4. I start some bunch of random web radio links from top 500 radios trying to find a one which will not start to play - quite easy, e.g. “PR3 Trójka”. It does not play at all.
  5. I try to start the same known and reliable stream from point 3 above - it does not play.
  6. No other stream can be started any more. Volumio streaming is dead. Only restart helps but only until next time I try to play some stream which does not work at a moment and the story is repeated. Restart is required again.

Dear Team, please do something with it. Current version is terrible.

Are you sure that you are using the latest version? Should be v2.699.

If you are not using this version, it might be useful to try a complete clean flash of 2.699, rather than an update … you seem to have a lot of random issues here.