V2.185 - Browse / Album play

A few issues noted in the latest version.

Setup - Large libraries stored on USB sticks.

  1. No Album art shown at the “artist” level of Genre View. Previous versions picked up one album cover for that artist.
  2. Play doesn’t work anymore for many albums while browsing within a Genre.
  3. When clicking on an Artist to go down a level nothing is shown for many artists - previous versions OK.
  4. Now getting “Browse Error. An error occurred whilst browsing the folder” when clicking on any Artist in several genres. Clicking on artists in other genres still works ok.

Will go back to the previous version for now.
Regards,John H

Problem has been referenced on Github :wink:

Hello, I’ve the same trouble with 2.185 upgrade.
I’ve found a bug…
In Genre view, you MUST have ALBUM ARTIST tag. If ALBUM ARTIST tag is empty you can’t play o add to queue. Tag ARTIST is not enough!!!
I hope i was helpful to someone

I’m not sure I would regard that as a bug. Volumio relies on tags in order to be able to find, sort and play albums,songs, playlists etc. It also assumes these are correctly set in order to show the correct Album Art. In order to do this and correctly identify albums it is necessary to check the AlbumArtist tag. If we use the Artist tag then an album that is a compilation with tracks by different Artists will appear to be many albums (Album and Artist combinations). Any ‘compilation’ type album with multiple artists should have the AlbumArtist tag set to ‘Various Artists’ or similar. The AlbumArtist tag names that are interpreted as ‘compilation’ type albums can be set from settings - ‘MY MUSIC’ - ‘Compilation Metadata Fields’. It is a comma separated list of values that you can edit.

In Genre view, if you try to play an Album with no AlbumArtist set it will not play because it doesn’t understand which album you actually want. Any Album like this will likely not display Album Art - only the generic icon. You can, however, still play songs from that album from the Songs list below the Albums.

Of course the answer is to make sure that your tags (including AlbumArtist) are all set correctly! If you do add the correct tags then don’t forget to update your library (Settings - ‘MY MUSIC’ - Update) and also clear your Browser cache so that you can view the Album Art that should now be found!