V2.118 Problem with Volume up/down

since Version 2 is public, i have a problem with Volume Up and down. Volumio is run on the old Raspberry RevB, it’s slow, but it works :wink: For audio output, i have config a DAC and Software Mixer and Software Volume Control. When i press Volume up or down on the WebUI, the Volume makes only one step. The same when i control over Websocket.
I think there is a Bug in the software, which occurs only at slow Rev B.

Same issue on RPi3. Processing power is not the root cause.
See this issue

I get unusual behaviour with the volume at times. I use RPi 3 too.
Sometimes I don’t see any green dial even if the volume is set to let say 70%.

Fixed today github.com/volumio/Volumio2/com … ae505a4990