v1.55 Browse-Tab empty

yes I already know that all resources are commanded for volumio 2.
But as long as v2 is far more buggy as v1.55 I’d rather stay on 1.55 until at least beta stage is reached.

Nevertheless I have a problem with 1.55:
I’m running v1.55 on an RPI 2.
The browse tab is always empty. I cannot browse through the library and play files.
The only way to play music is to search for a folder or song name in the browse tab.
Then I get results which I can add to the playlist.

As I’m software developer on my own I have no fear in debugging and fixing this by my own but I have no idea how to debug this in a functional way.
Any hint would be a great help to me.

By the way: mpd is working correctly as all my audio files are played nice.
The only glitch is the empty browse tab. Oh, and it makes no difference which kind of file source i use. CIFFS, NFS, USB, all the same problem. As soon as I search I get results, but no browsing without search. Oh and this happens after a clean install of volumio.

have you update the database ?
Was it working before and now no ?
What is your music source ? Usb, share folder ?

as written before:

  • clean install from .img to sdcard
  • source does not matter, as NONE is shown in Browse tab
  • it worked half a year ago, then my boot SD card got broken and I had to replace it including a fresh install

additionally: OMG, WTF!!!??

I did some investigations and this is what I’ve found so far:

  • GUI.currentpath is empty on page Load, so there will be an empty response from the POST to /db/?cmd=filepath (added GUI.currentpath = “/”; in line 40 at volumio.playback.js)
  • symlinks in /var/lib/mpd/music are owned by pi:pi or root:root but mpd runs as mpd:audio
  • volumio.playback.js line 449: WTF!? !path.contains("/") <- REALLY??? it must be: path.indexOf("/") < 0

After fixing this issues I’m at least able to browse music in WEBRADIO and USB. Currently I’m not able to add SAMBA Shares. They won’t be added.
Really sad to find such bad issues… :frowning:

OK, so my fiddling was successful.

I had to do a fresh start, as mpd and gui get really nasty if you do something wrong it doesn’t like.

After the fresh start I made the following changes:


  • line 40 insert GUI.currentpath = “/”; before getDB(‘filepath’, GUI.currentpath, ‘file’);
  • line 364 change this line from path = ‘’; to path = ‘/’;
  • line 449 change !path.contains("/") to path.indexOf("/") < 0

It turned out that the symlinks did not need to be corrected. Mpd just can work with them.
After the fixes above I got an almost full working interface back. Only thing is that the Back button is displayed on root view but that does not disturb too much.

Maybe my fixes help others if someone else has this problems. :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot for your work, I got the same problem and fixed with your tweak

Also I added one small trick to make sure “back” button does not put you to empty folder, so if it is last level back button won’t do more.

details in the pull request below


Look at attachment! This patch does not help! This bug after clear library! Button <== i do not see!

We invite you to test volumio 2! Volumio 1.xx is no longer developed or corrected