v0.976 and hot spot/AP ... how does it work?

Updated to version 0.976 this morning, and everything seems to be working fine on a RPi Zero. I am interested to see how the hot spot/AP function works, but I can’t see any reference to it in the settings. Anyone know more?

To answer my own question :slight_smile:, it’s all quite neat. If there is no network connection available, then Volumio automatically starts up an AP on

Continuing on the same thread.

Upgrade as posted above and the HotSpot feature was active. I have my Pi3 connected with wire and use wifi via my router to control Volumio.
The new HotSpot wifi network has no password or wifi security. I could find no settings for it at all.

I see the great advantage of having the HotSpot feature for allowing guests select and play music through there own devices without having to grant access to my private network or if you want to use Volumio as a standalone media player.

The problem I see is that the HotSpot network is fully open anyone that connects to the Volumio network (neighbors, people walking by on the street).

I found no GUI way to disable so I ssh’d in and via ‘sudo su’ did “ifconfig wlan0 down” to disable the wireless.

Thanks for great work, on Volumio!


One of the first thing we ll make is give the chance to disable it… Eta mid august

Thank you!