Using Volumio to IRSEND as well as IR Receive

Thank you for a great looking audio streamer!

I have set up a Raspberry Pi Zero with Volumio 2.861 and the IR Remote controller plug-in. I have connected both an IR receiver and an emitter and I have set up the additional dtoverlay for transmit in /boot/userconfig.txt and also /etc/udev/rules.d/71-lirc.rules.
I have tested both receive and transmit by changing my /etc/lirc/hardware.conf file, with either
for transmit:


or for receive:

Both the receive and the transmit functions work very well. I am using the IR transmit to control my (old) HiFi amplifier, turning it on when I play a track in Volumio. I would also like to be able to respond to the TV remote turning on the TV. Is there a way to have both receive and transmit working at the same time? Can you please help me with the necessary set-up?