Using Volumio OS on Raspberry Pi as Homeserver for printing

Hey Folks!

I am very happy i found the Volumio project, it is really a nice piece of Software. But i think the Pi where it is running on can probably do a bit more, so i want to use it was well as a printing server for the local network. However with my basic linux skills i am unsure how hard this will be.
In this forum i found some infos on the linux distro behind Volumio but i am still unsure if the core system is enough for what is needed, even the ‘man’ command is not avaliable…

So as a question for the more linux skilled people around here, do you think this can be done or is it probably a better idea to set up volumio on a “more complete” distro like here ? ->

Searching a bit for print server setup the packages you need are as far as i can tell are things like

cups cups-pdf cups-driver-gutenprint hplip pycups python2 python-cups ...

I am interested about your comments!



I’ve had the same need last week.
I just had to add a line to /etc/apt/sources.list to add a standard debian source mirror.
For example:

deb http://<your-mirrow>/debian/ wheezy main

Then you can run

sudo apt-get install cups

and configure CUPS.

Right now I’m actually printing from volumio CUPS and listening to Depeche Mode at the same time.

Good luck,