Using volumio on local network only

Hi there,

I was wondering what services I can disable via the init system and what tweaks need to be made to nginx.

At the moment, I see that there are quite a few processes that are listening on different ports:

My needs are quite simple really, I just want to play the local music I have on my SD on my raspberry pi with the ability for an mpd client on my phone to control the songs via the mpd on the pi. I don’t plan on doing anything with volumio’s interface outside of the network.

It does need access to the internet but the services shouldn’t. I am willing to remove some but I am not sure what they do. I do not use any Apple products for example, so I don’t need Shairport, nor do I do any samba sharing with windows so I have uninstalled it that. From that list, what is safe to remove, or safe to disable?

Do I need any of the rpc stuff? The upmpdcli, minidlnad? And how should nginx be reconfigured?

Thanks in advanced!