Using volumio as a wifi speaker?

Apologies if this is a “FAQ”, or a question with a stupidly obvious answer, but I don’t know enough about the subject to search for a solution…

I have a raspPi zero w2, with a generic max98357a based i2s DAC which works perfectly via the web interface/android app etc, and is connected to my “whole house” Hi-Fi set-up.

My question:

I have a moderately high-end gaming PC (13400 + RTX4060) running endeavourOS (which is an ArchLinux branch).

How do I configure volumio and/or the PC such that the R-Pi shows up as an available “audio output device” so I can output my PC audio to the house speakers via wifi to volumio?

I feel like there’s a “middle bit” missing - but I get lost in discussions of DLNA, ALSA,UNPNP, SNAP, and other 4 letter words (some of which I mutter under my breath in frustration :rofl: )

pointers to a simple tutorial and/or step by step instructions would be appreciated.