Using SD card for music v0.976

One of my volumio systems is a portable device that uses a 64 GB SD card with a separate partition for music files. Previously with Volumio 2, I have removed the symbolic link for /mnt/USB and replaced it with a directory /mnt/USB, and mounted the music partition to this directory in /etc/fstab. This has worked fine and is recognised by Volumio 2. With the update to 0.976, something has changed, and Volumio no longer recognises the directory (music content is all there if I manually check by ssh).

Anyone know a solution to this one please; I don’t know enough about how Volumio works in regard to the filesystem.

I’m having the same problem here. I used the exact same workaround before, and now there’s supposedly a “proper” way to do it, the “Internal” folder shows up under “My Music” in the web interface, but I have no Idea where to put music on the SD card to actually get it to work

during the first boot Volumio resize partitions on sd card and shares a folder “internal storage” via samba. You should it from your computer and be able to place music on it.