Using RFID cards with Volumio for local playback

Hi all,

Does anybody know of a way of connecting up an RFID reader to Volumio to play albums saved on an attached hard drive? I have previously built a PhonieBox which I love, but it takes a LOT of tinkering to get right with various configurations.

I recently decided to upgrade my DAC to an IQAudio from a USB sound card, but have found using the PhonieBox script with an LCD screen and the DAC renders the GPIO very unreliable - I have an existing Volumio configuraration working with the 7" touchscreen and various GPIO buttons for playback control working, so figured it may be easier to work with that set-up and add an RFID.

There are a couple of scripts which I’ve seen, but all seem to create an RFID link to a Spotify album - I’m after local playback, so the ability to assign cards to albums stored on the HDD.

Has anybody come up with anything like this?

Thanks in advance.