using removeFromQueue results in wrong status

When I am removing the first song with ‘removeFromQueue’ Volumio does actually removes the track, which is good.

But it seems that an internal pointer isn’t updated by that action. The WebGUI will show the wrong track (next one) playing when it really is still playing the current track (as expected). Once the current running track is finished it will not switch to the next but to the song after next.

Let imagine this playlist:
Track 1
Track 2 (triangle indicates playing, and this is true)
Track 3
Track 4
Track 5
The GUI shows Track 2 playing. getState is showing correct info too.

Now I use ‘removeFromQueue 0’ to remove the first track.

Now the playlist looks like this:
Track 2
Track 3 (triangle indicates playing, but this is false, it’s still playing track 2)
Track 4
Track 5
The GUI shows Track 3 playing. getState is also showing that Track 3 is playing, which is wrong.

When Track 2 is finished it will skip Track 3 and continue with Track 4.
It will stay out of sync until I choose a track in the WebGUI to get played.

[1] log entries created by using ‘removeFromQueue 0’

2018-03-24T13:17:21.043Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioRemoveQueueItem
2018-03-24T13:17:21.045Z - info: CoreStateMachine::removeQueueItem
2018-03-24T13:17:21.046Z - info: CorePlayQueue::removeQueueItem undefined
2018-03-24T13:17:21.047Z - info: CorePlayQueue::saveQueue
2018-03-24T13:17:21.054Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioPushQueue
2018-03-24T13:17:21.056Z - info: interfaceApi::pushQueue
2018-03-24T13:17:21.067Z - info: CoreStateMachine::getState
2018-03-24T13:17:21.068Z - info: CorePlayQueue::getTrack 2
2018-03-24T13:17:21.069Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::volumioPushState
2018-03-24T13:17:21.071Z - info: CoreCommandRouter::executeOnPlugin: volumiodiscovery , saveDeviceInfo
2018-03-24T13:17:21.072Z - info: interfaceApi::pushState