Using Pimoroni on/off shim

Has anyone had experience using the Pimoroni on/off shim?
Any idea which GPIO pins it uses/occupies?



We’ve put together a one-line-installer to install the clean shutdown daemon. It watches the state of BCM pin 17 and, when pulled low (pressed), it initiates a clean shutdown. Last thing, just before your Pi shuts down, BCM pin 4 is pulled low to completely cut power to your Pi.

To install the software, open a terminal and type curl | bash to run the one-line-installer.


  • It’s possible to use OnOff SHIM and a 2.5A USB micro-B power supply to power a Raspberry Pi 4. However, the recommended power spec for the Pi 4 is 3A, so you may run into low power issues (especially if using power hungry USB devices).
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Thanks for the info.
Does the Shim/software use GPIO 3 to wake up Pi? You do not make that clear in your info.

i don’t have it, i only searched for you the info … it should power on and off.

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OK many thanks.
I am waiting for further info. from Pimoroni so I will see then hopefully.

Looks like GPIO 4 and 17 (pins 7 & 11)

Thanks for the info. I will go ahead and order one.