Using just the WebUI on a server running ubuntu


I’ve been a happy user of Volumio for a few years on a raspberry pi. I’ve got an Ubuntu server powered NAS that I’d like to use as an MPD server and it would be cool if I could control it via the volumio web ui.

I tried following the instructions here: getting-volumio-running-pibang-distro-t597-10.html.

Rather than committing thread necrosysis, I thought a new post would be more preferable. I’m not keen on following the above tutorials, as they involve copying over liinux config files within the /etc folder structure that in some cases are going to nuke my current setup.

I’m also keen on using lighttpd rather than nginx, since lighttpd is lower on resources and seems less complicated.

So, my questions:

  1. Anyone had any luck installing the webui on a server without nuking other settings (like hostname, samba shares etc)
  2. Anyone tried using lighttpd instead of nginx (a forum search shows people using lighttpd to server album covers, but not as a replacement to nginx)

though i have the same problem,
any help maybe?