Using Airplay with Pulse Audio on Linux

Hello everyone,

I recently installed Volumio on my Raspberry Pi in order to use with Pulse Audio on my linux machine. What I would like to do is stream all of my audio output to the Pi. I am able to enable Airplay from paprefs and I can see the volumio sink in pavucontrol, however when I select it nothing happens. I am able to play music from my Android phone over Volumio/Airplay.

I’ve done a bit of research and it seems like shairport throws a RTSP 400 (bad request) when Pulse Audio tries to connect. I’ve posted this as an issue on github:

where you can see the full error log, but that hasn’t received any traction so far. I was wondering if anyone else was able to run pulse + shairport from a linux machine and whether you have any ideas on how to fix this.

Thank you

any ideas?

I tried the same some time ago. I wanted to use a kubutu with touchscreen and rhythmbox to send via airplay. However I did not succeed. My investigations showed that airplay used to work from pulse but in a later update they (airplay) changed something to udp instead of tcp and it stoped working. I did find some library that was supposed to work but I t seemed that work on that had stopped.
I then moved to a android tablet instead.

This was sort of half a year ago, since then I have not checked.
Not good news but if you find a solution please post.


I did plenty of try of running airplay from pulse audio Ubuntu and Xubuntu and Lubuntu and Archlinux). I can also see Volumio as sink but if I send sound to Volumio : no sound. I try with upnp but can’t see Volumio.
the problem seems to be the change in the protocol ( as said by plo). I try with raop2 but I gave up before achiving it to work…
Of course if anybody can help…