Using a USB remote control

Hi all,

Totally new to this forum, and not exactly a linux expert so bear with me. I currently have my Volumio Rasberry pi running on my TV via HDMI using the touchscreen plugin (I know - not exactly the intended use of the plugin but works grand). I mainly did this so I can see what’s easily, but then I thought “why not get a remote so I can actually control it”.

I ordered a standard USB plug and play remote:


And its half working. The issue is really two-fold. Firstly, every single press of the directional keys moves the cursor a bit too far, so it sometimes hops over different icons. Secondly, some of the keys don’t do anything - if you can see in the image, the home key takes the Linux back to the chrome homepage, and the cursor button at the top right just freezes the cursor… The other two don’t do anything.

So this really begs the question - is there any way I can firstly change the mouse sensitivity, and secondly remap the buttons. Aware this may be impossible, but thought it worth a punt!

For background, I’ve got SSH set up, so can get into the unit. Also, I know how to remap keys in theory, but don’t really have a way of identifying what the signals for each of the strokes would look like.

Thanks all.