Using a single 512GB micro SD card for Volumio OS as well as for storing the music

Hello everyone,

I plan to buy a 512GB micro SD card on which to install the Volumio OS (on Raspberry Pi 4) as well as store the entire music only on the SD card. I think this is the most elegant and neat solution, from many points of view: dimension, power consumption.
The music files will be only written once and after that only reading operations will take place.

Can you advise on the follownig topics:?

  • Can you tell me if anyone has this set-up and if there are any inconveniences?
  • Is here an issue with indexing maybe 500GB of music in a single location - on the micro SD card?
  • How long will the indexing take for maybe around 8000 FLAC songs?
  • Considering 500GB is quite a lot of data, what is the preffered copying method? copy over network in Volumio-Internal network location OR insert the micro SD card (with the already installed VOlumio OS) in a Linux computer and copy the music files in a certain location on it?

Thank you very much in advance, guys!!

I mounted the whole setup in an old router case:
The SSDs heat-up quite a lot and I want to replace all of them with just the microSD card.


Yes the SSDs are bit kind of overkill as you won‘t be able to benefit from the performance they could deliver.

It‘s possible to use a 512GB SDcard, but i would recommend using a smaller one plus a standard USB stick for the music.

This way you don‘t have to copy all the files again when it should come to a new setup from scratch.

Will take a long while to index, cannot say how long, but you will have to be patient.


I agree with Josh. Definitely go with a usb stick for the music. I tried to store everything on the sd card but that was really inconvenient when it was time to upgrade and it was slow to add more music files.