Using a Raspberry Pi Zero W with an Rotel A14 with usb audio

Hello out there,

I freshly setup a HiFi with an Rotal A14 amplifier and wanted to have a device beside it which I want to use for playback with a better sound quality then the 44kHz which it can stream with Bluetooth. :unamused:

So I came up with the idea of using a Raspberry Pi Zero W with Volumio and use the one free usb port to go directly to the usb port of the amplifier (usb audio device). That usb input should be capable of 32bi/384kHz. It would then use the 32-Bit/768kHz internal DAC.

I am totally new to the Raspberry World and asked myself if that would work out and if someone here may have insights if I have to take care of something or if an β€œbasic” setup like this will work fine?

Thanks for any help,

Instead of using a PIzero, use a PI 3 : much better