User report on Volumio 1.4 w Cubox-i4pro


I have been using it for a few days. I am a user with no programming background so I only use options provided in the web interface. I use ethernet for network connection. And plays using a 4GB usb 2.0 Thumbdrive. I use a MDAC with a Elijah USB cable that has no power signal in the usb cable. This is what I found out.

  1. Sounds great. I think this is the best sounding set up ever for me. Better than using a CD transport, better than streaming using the iPad. ATV streaming cannot be compared.
  2. Easy to use and control using the browser.
  3. plays my wav, aiff, .m4a (music purchased on iTunes) files w no issues

The following does not work for me:

  1. wireless. I entered the ssid and password. But it shows “interface not present”.
  2. airplay returns noise that is in sync with the music being played.
  3. Can’t mount my Dlink DNS323 NAS.
  4. Does not play well with my Western Digital 500G portable hard disk. It plays for 30s to 75s depending on the song and will suddenly stop playing. Once that happens Volumio will not play again and needs a reboot.

Well, for the price of the cubox and Volumio being free and it sounds so good when it is working (with my USB drive), I have nothing to complain about. I will buy a 128G thumb drive and play my music with it. I am sure Volumio will only get better as we go along. Supporting so many platforms naturally spread limited resources from the Michelangelo and the community even thinner.


Point 4 above is due to Cubox-i4pro’s USB port not being able to supply enough current to the WD 500G portable drive to start it up properly. I use a Y cable and put in more current to the usb portable drive and it works with Volumio on Cubox with no problem.

So it is a hardware issue I faced on point 4 above. Not software.