User Interface on Dell Laptop not working

Trying to get some help with setting up an old Dell Latitude D820 with volumio 2. i can’t get the User Interface to work via the screen.
On boot up I see the Volumio splash screen which normally preceeds the user interface but never gets there. The mouse cursor is on the screen and works.
I can access the web interface and have changed the name of the PC.
Any assistance would be great.

What i also forgot to add is that before the mouse cursor is shown scattered lines appear across the page as if the resolution setting is too high for the screen.
it then goes to having the mouse cursor which appears fine on a black screen.


could you post a log?
Go to the UI, then the dev page (your-ip>/dev) and use the upload function.
Perhaps it gives a clue about the graphics, perhaps the adapter is not supported.

Is this the log file you are after?


Yes, looking at it now…

I presume ctrl-alt-F1 works and brings you a terminal session.
Could you login (volumio/ volumio) and first do

lsmod then report the result?
Then try to edit /boot/syslinux.cfg and add

video.allow_duplicates=1 to the kernel command line, so it reads

APPEND ro imgpart=UUID=3a7d4102-167c-4443-9bef-f5cf6fa1d201 bootpart=UUID=8B3B-57A5 imgfile=volumio_current.sqsh quiet splash video.allow_duplicates=1 plymouth.ignore-serial-consoles vt.global_cursor_default=0 loglevel=0

I wonder if this makes a difference when you reboot.
It could also be, as you already mentioned, a resolution issue.

I haven’t been able to get to a terminal session. I have tried ctrl-alt-F1
Do i have to enable access to a terminal session?


First enable ssh on the /dev page.
On a PC you can use something like puTTY to build a ssh session, using the ip-address of your Dell.
Or use ‘ssh’ on a unix box.

If video.allow_duplicates= 1 does not work (probably won’t), then replace it with

vga=0x104 or

vga=0x105 or

vga=0x11A or


This would force vesa mode 1024x786 in 4, 8, 16 or 24-bit color mode
Just to try…