Use Volumio on Raspberry Pi to control Spotify? (without playback on the RPi itself)

Sorry if this topic has been discussed before, but I am basically trying to find out whether I can use Volumio on a Raspberry Pi to control Spotify, but not to play the music on the Raspberry Pi itself.

I simply yould like to have the Volumio UI on the Raspberry Pi so that I can see connected speakers around the house and play music on them.

As a background, I have a Raspberry Pi with an attached touchscreen that I placed inside an old Macintosh case, I would like to be able to use it as a music controller.

May I ask, why you need volumio for that? Why not use a web browser or Chromium OS to just access the Spotify web UI?

As for web browser, I believe that Spotify does not support the Raspberry Pi architecture for that. At least based on what I have understood from the research I have been doing.

Thanks for the Chromium OS suggestion, I will have to check if a) it works on the Raspberry Pi and b) whether Spotify supports it.