Use separate Rpi with 3.5 inch display to access Volumio UI via Chromium (ethernet /no wifi)

I use Volumio via Rpi / OSA electronics DAC berry one+. I would like to access and control Volumio UI via web browser (eg Chromium) running on Rpi4 - control via connected 3.5 touch display. Rpi connected to internet via ethernet cable - no wifi available. I hope i am clear here, ie I would like to control volumio similarly as with PC with Chrome browser cinnected via ethernet cable but to use Roi instead. I want this control from a different room than the audio system.
Is it possible or are there any obstales for this? Has anyone tried it?
Thank you

you already can use ip of the pi or volumio.local in any browser on the same network …
to load it on your phone, tablet, pc ect.

thanks - Yes, I am aware of possibility to connect via browser on pc, tablet, phone etc. But now I am in the situation that I don’t have a possibility to connect with any of these devices and therefore I am thinking to use separate RPi with display to connect to Volumio via Chromium browser. I need it away from the DAC (in a different room) so I cannot apply mounting a display on Rpi. I hope I am clear.

Do you mean access it from outside your local network? Otherwise if you are just in a different room on the same network, then it will just work on any browser.

OK, thanks. Yes - it is in the same home/local network. I was hoping for this answer. Since it wasn’t mentioned in any guidelines and forums that Volumio UI can be reached via browser on Rpi-based “computer interface” (I found only for PC, tablets and mobile phones) I thought that there are some obstacles…I will then try it and hopefully it will work.