Use separate I2C volume controller with volumio

Hi !

I have been using volumio in combination with a hifiberry DAC+ for a while now.

I tried using both the hardware volume control on the hifiberry and software controlled volume, but neither impress me much…
The hardware DAC would be best quality wise but i find it to be very jumpy in volume steps, and only the last part of the volume control works… anything below 80% just means no sound.

I have been looking at I2C volume controllers like the Ti PGA2310/PGA2311 or the Maxim DS1802 or DS1807 or something like that… The DAC would be ale to use it’s full resolution all the time. the volume sent to the amplifier would then be controlled by a low distortion analog volume controller.

Hardware wise it seems simple enough, looking at the datasheets, noise figures and such look excellent… software wise… not my strong point…
How to tell volumio/alsa to set the hifiberry volume to go for it and use the I2C chip for volume control ???

anyone ever tried this ? got it to work ? suggestions ?


I have a similar issue.
For a bit perfect playback I have built a 256 tap R-2R logarithmic network for volume control. The network can be controlled via UART or I2C.
Can I bring Volumio to send the actual Volume via I2C or UART?
Any clues are welcome.


In the current version of Volumio routing the volume to an external controller requires a major rework of the UI…
In Volumio2 we already thought of this … :wink:
So is just a matter of waiting for Volumio2

I am waiting curiously :slight_smile:
Also a great thing would be to define the number of steps for volume control. (in my case 256)
You got donated :sunglasses:

This is a good idea, even if this will make things a little more complicated.
I’ll update you when we get on work on this (it will not be the most prioritized function, but sure one of the first extra functions we implement)

Hi is thereany progress on this on the version 3 ?