Use both Dac hat and USB dac with Volumio

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SO my question is, how do I get Voumio to see the USB dac Ive attached to my Pi as well as the i2s dac attached? It only gives me option to choose if I have an I2s dac and doesnt ask if also have other dacs? I have a IFI Zen attached to USB for testing purposes as its going in a different system also attached to a PI however it will be only dac attached. TY in advance.

I’m pretty sure you can’t have both. It doesn’t seem logical to have both at the same time - how would Volumio know what to do?

OIm not looking to use both simultaneously, Id like to be able to choose. Doesnt matter I guess, Roon picks it up.

I used to have my Pi2AES with the same DAC connected via USB and AES, and I would use it to A/B test. But I was running Ropieee. I just tested the same thing on the same Pi2AES running Volumio. Roon can see both the AES and USB versions of the DAC, and I can set up as two separate zones and play to them. But within Volumio I can only have one at a time. I’m long past wanting to do this, but fwiw it worked within the Roon plugin.

I have two dacs in here and on the same raspberry pi.
Both have the same driver, but I have to use one with FusionDsp and I have to disable it before I can use the other.
so technically it could be done.

Obviously i2s and USB at the same time is not possible.

Yes, noticing that. TY

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NIce da, be curious as to what whole setup is. See you like the older Chips like me. Using a Philips TDA1387x8 sounds so much more natural than even the Burr Brown in the IFI.

To switch output between HAT card and USB, this works for me:

  • For output to a HAT card: turn on I2S DAC, select your HAT card and Save.
  • For output to USB: turn off I2S DAC and Save. After you connect your USB DAC, it should appear in the Output Device list. Sometimes the USB DAC doesn’t show up in the list right away – in that case, reboot Volumio and it should show up. Then select your DAC and Save.
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Indeed the old dac chips sound warm and rich, but when I hear them next to each other I prefer the PCM 1794A.


Ian Canada PurePi 5/3,3 volt, ian isolator II, ian FiFoPi Ma.
ian UcPure 3,3 v for the FiFoPi Ma.
TDA 1543 nos (differentially switched) and a dual pcm 1794A dac, they both use the same power supply, due to lack of space I switch them using a relay.

further infrared, rotary encoder, 7.9 inch touchscreen, no name transformers and powersuplies.

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Amazing job there. Im considering building something little more substantial myself.

Same for me as @metro . So “Yes” - Volumio can manage both USB and I2S connected, but without some analogue switch it obviously requires Settings changes. Similarly, because of how USB DAC recognition can be “iffy” for Volumio on Pi, I’ve found reconnecting and/or rebooting is sometimes necessary. Overall it’s a possible, but not seamless, process.

Just curious @Gaspar_74 - why the wish to have both through the same Pi?

I wished to power different system on same rack wit seperate dac. I’m able to use both via roon and thats what I use so Im good.